12 Tips to Quit Smoking for the New Years

1) Don't Let Fear Paralyze You

Every smoker is well acquainted with the gut-wrenching fear that comes when the day they've planned to quit smoking arrives. You're suddenly filled with doubt about whether quitting is a good idea. Maybe you should wait until you're not so busy and stressed. Next week or month would be easier you tell yourself, as you light up and settle back into the haze of denial that comes with nicotine addiction.

Don't let fear stop you before you get started. Push through and stub out that last cigarette when the time comes. You can do it and the rewards awaiting you are well worth the effort it takes to quit.

2) Use a Quit Journal

Consider starting a quit journal and make the first entry the list of reasons you have for quitting. Take a look at this ex-smoker's list of the pros and cons of smoking and use it for inspiration on making a detailed list of your own. We have a way of believing what we tell ourselves over and over.

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