2015 Tips from Former Smokers Launches Today - Resources from the CDC

See below from the CDC regarding the new 2015 Tips from Former Smokers ads and social media activities to promote them:

Dear Colleagues,

Today, CDC renews the Tips From Former Smokers campaign (CDC.gov/tips) with new, hard-hitting ads that show the harsh consequences of smoking. Real people tell personal stories about conditions linked to smoking that are not as well known to the public, such as colorectal cancer and vision loss (macular degeneration). Ads also highlight the benefits of quitting for loved ones and the importance of quitting cigarettes completely, not just cutting down. Ads are scheduled to air for 20 weeks—through August 16.

Following are materials as well as activities to help promote the campaign launch. We hope these resources will help facilitate your planning efforts and further support people in your own community who want to quit. Please share this e-mail with your tobacco control partners so that they can plan to use our materials, too.

CDC Feature Article: The New Smoking Story: Going Blind

This article:

  • Closely profiles five Tips From Former Smokers campaign participants who appear in new ads. Embedded videos offer easy viewing of the new ads. Participants include:
    • Mark, who developed rectal cancer at age 42 from using cigarettes and smokeless tobacco
    • Marlene, who began losing her vision to macular degeneration at age 56
    • Julia, who smoked for more than 20 years before developing colon cancer at age 49
    • Kristy, who tried using e-cigarettes to quit smoking cigarettes but ended up using both products
    • Tiffany, who lost her mother to lung cancer, and quit smoking to be around for her own daughter
  • Offers readers helpful, free quitting resources.

Please send this article to the members of your listservs.

Social/Digital Media Activities

OSH is planning robust social and digital media activities all day long.

  • Tips Thunderclap: Monday, 3/30, 11:00 a.m. ET

For those of you who signed up last week to pledge your support, Thunderclap will automatically send out the preapproved message announcing the new Tips ads from your account at 11:00 a.m. today. This is a great way to collectively join together and make our voices heard on social media.

  • Tips Facebook Q&A: Monday, 3/30, 2:00 p.m.–3:00 p.m. ET

OSH will also host a live Facebook chat featuring one of our new participants, Julia, who was diagnosed with colorectal cancer as a result of her smoking. Julia will be available to answer people’s questions about her experience with the disease, about quitting, and about becoming a Tips participant. Please help us promote the event with your constituencies and also follow along. You can access the chat by going to our Facebook page www.facebook.com/cdctobaccofree.

We encourage you to use the content in the attached Social Media Toolkit over the next several months to further support the Tips campaign. This content includes:

  • Suggested Facebook posts and tweets highlighting the dangers of smoking and colorectal cancer, macular degeneration, COPD, and dual use
  • Links to graphics (optimized for social media) as well as the Quit Guide
  • Resources and social media content for health care providers—specifically, dental professionals, health care professionals, and pharmacists

To take advantage of all the activities we have planned on our social media profiles, please continue to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest for the latest updates.

Tips Web Site Resources

  • CDC.gov/tips has comprehensive resources for you to use and promote, including:
    • Bios and additional interviews of the ad participants
    • Overviews of the health conditions featured in the campaign
    • Spanish-language content
    • "I’m Ready to Quit” practical tips for quitting smoking
    • Web badges and buttons to post on your site to link readers to the compelling personal stories on the Tips Web site
    • Printable Tips ads to hang in your workplace

Materials From the Tips From Former Smokers Download Center

  • Access free materials at plowsharegroup.com/cdctips. These include low-resolution TV ads; radio, online, print, and out-of-home ads; and public service announcements.

CDC’s Media Campaign Resource Center (MCRC)

  • CDC.gov/tobacco/MCRC offers broadcast-quality Tips ads and other tobacco countermarketing ads for paid campaigns.

Ways to Work With Your State and Local Pharmacists

  • Invite local pharmacists to participate in your coalitions and community events. Independent pharmacists are often business owners and established as community leaders. CDC is currently working with the American Pharmacy Association, the Pharmacists Letter, Creative Pharmacist, and CVS Health to get messages into pharmacies. Engage your local pharmacists and let them know about the specific Tips assets designed for them. These include 1-800-QUIT-NOW notepads, “Reasons to Quit” patient handouts, Tips radio and video ads to show and air in stores, information about quitlines, “Talk With Your Pharmacist” posters, and more.

Materials for Faith Leaders, Public Health Advocates, Health Care Providers, and Other Partners

  • CDC provides materials to answer questions about Tips ads—and guidance on how to start a conversation about quitting.
  • Partner pages offer posters, FAQs about quitlines, fact sheets for patients, a pocket-sized brief intervention card for office visits, a quick reference guide on treating tobacco dependence, and much more.

March OSH Media Calendar Page

  • This pages provide a convenient link to the CDC feature article as well as to quitting resources and social media tools.

If you have additional questions about the 2015 Tips campaign, please contact [email protected].