Have an Idea? Apply to the Consumer Health Track of the Life Science Pitch Summits

Join the Consumer Health & Wellness Pitch Summit to meet early-stage investors and partners, get in-kind services

By invitation only. Apply by Tuesday, September 5.

Life Science Pitch Summits give startups a boost. Our November Summit focuses on technologies that empower consumers to access healthcare directly. We are looking for disruptive life sciences-based technologies enabled by emerging technologies (i.e. CRISPR, microbiome, virtual reality, biosensors and others). These products may be sold directly to consumers (non-prescription); be components in a larger company's consumer focused strategy; or provide novel business models to enhance consumer health.

We're casting our net wide! Here are some examples of what we're looking for:

• Digital technologies for smoking cessation and for improving sleep quality

• Tools and algorithms to monitor skin health to yield personalized solutions

• Natural and microbiome-based strategies for epithelium/skin (i.e. face, scalp, respiratory, oral, vaginal) and digestive track that provide health benefits

• Novel approaches to allergy and pain relief

• Oral and vision healthcare

• Baby health monitoring

• Non-invasive technologies (including wearables) to monitor health markers that provide actionable insights for the consumer

• Products for different life stages (early life stage, postmenopausal women, elderly)

• Technologies that interfere with triggers of inflammation impacting built (i.e. home and air) and natural environments

• Resilience of humans and home to environmental and pathogenic insult

• If you don't see your technology here, but think you'd be a good fit, contact Christine Winoto

Companies looking for funding from early stage up to and including Series A are welcome to apply by Tuesday, September 5.

If you applied to a previous Life Science Pitch Summit, you can easily update and resubmit your existing application. Click here for details.

All sessions are held at the UCSF Mission Bay campus in San Francisco. Startups invited to take part in the summit will be notified by October 6.

Benefits of Joining

• Networking with investors and life science leaders at the Summits

• Exposure to top industry partners--see participating companies below!

• In-kind services from leading providers. (Details below; more to come)

• Professional presentation coaching

• It's free for startups, and we take no equity

Important Dates

• September 5: Deadline for startup applications

• October 4 & 5: Startups present on one of these days to panel of judges choosing finalists

• November 1: Meet investors at the Consumer Health Pitch Summit

Click the button above to learn more and apply.

All participating investors are accredited.


In-Kind Services

Procter & Gamble can offer consumer insights and testing methodologies; business insight on CPG relevant business model development and technology support in technical assay design and development. The in-kind services are provided to select startups in one-on-one mentoring format.