Kick Butts Day - March 20, 2019

Kids on national Kick Butts Day

Kick Butts Day is a national day of action when young people from all 50 states collectively educate and advocate for tobacco-free communities. The event is coordinated by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids which offers a wide array of event and activity ideas for those interested in participating in Kick Butts Day.

This year, California Youth Advocacy Network (CYAN) is partnering with the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids to offer FREE co-branded pledge wall kits for Kick Butts Day thanks to the generous support of the CVS Health Foundation.

Pledge wall kits can be used as a great educational and awareness tool to gather support to #BeTheFirst tobacco-free generation. Kits can be used as a standalone activity or incorporated into an existing event.
For more details on requesting and kit and registering for the event, visit