1-800-QUIT-NOW cards

About 1-800-QUIT-NOW

1-800-Quit-Now is a national router number which accepts callers from throughout the nation, seamlessly directing them to the appropriate state quitline. In an effort to promote this valuable resource, the Smoking Cessation Leadership Center has developed a small, plastic card the size of a credit card to help promote the national quitline.

Quitlines are toll-free telephone centers staffed by trained cessation experts. For clinicians, they provide an easy, fast, and effective way to help smokers quit. By simply identifying smokers, advising them to quit, and sending them to a free telephone service, clinicians can save thousands of lives.

How to purchase

If you are interested in purchasing QUIT NOW cards, please fill out the QUIT NOW card inquiry and submit your request online. SCLC is a non-profit organization; 100% of the cost is used to cover the printing and shipping expenses of your order. As a service, SCLC has coordinated several large orders over the past year resulting in a lowered rate of .21 per card (for orders of 500 cards or more) which includes shipping and handling. You will be contacted directly by A4 Promotions & Incentives, who handles production and fulfillment of the cards, for payment. Please allow 5-6 weeks for delivery.

QUIT NOW Card Survey

An SCLC survey of organizations that purchased the card shows 85% agreed the card helped streamline their organization’s ability to provide tobacco cessation assistance to patients (moderately or extremely) and 80% said it increased the number of patients who receive tobacco cessation advice in their organization (moderately or extremely). Others surveyed have found the card to be “easy to understand, eye-catching, portable, sturdy…” One individual from a VA facility in Louisiana wrote regarding a Quit Now card campaign: “This program really saved us; at a time when we had little else, it enabled us to keep some level of program going [after Hurricane Katrina]…” And still another said, “My office distributes the cards at all of our community education events. They are a wonderful teaching tool.”

Over the last few years, the Ask, Advise, Refer model has become an accepted way of implementing the USPHS Clinical Practice Guideline and the 1-800-QUIT NOW card has entered the mainstream of cessation efforts. There are over 4 million QUIT NOW cards in circulation and all types of health professionals and counselors, and peers currently use the approach and the card to help smokers quit.