SCLC's webinar series is integral to the technical assistance provided by the SCLC. Nationally recognized smoking cessation experts offer the latest information related to smoking cessation (including effective interventions) for the general and the behavioral health populations.

The Goals of SCLC’s Webinar Series:

  • Provide training and technical assistance to raise awareness of the many benefits smoking cessation efforts and to increase understanding of effective smoking cessation strategies.
  • Implement or enhance existing tobacco cessation services using evidence-based practices.
  • Ensure that consumers and staff have access to smoking cessation services and supports to promote health and wellness.
  • Establish partnerships between behavioral health and nicotine cessation organizations to increase available tobacco cessation resources in communities. 

SCLC has over 50 webinars covering the latest topics on tobacco addiction and recovery.

Current Webinars

Tobacco Use in the LGBT Community: Preconceptions, Challenges & Experiences


Scout, PhD

Director of LGBT HealthLink at CenterLink

Dr. Scout is the Director of LGBT HealthLink and an Adjunct Assistant Clinical Professor at Boston University School of Public Health. He is a frequent public speaker and cultural competency trainer, who specializes in tobacco, wellness, transgender health, social determinants, health disparities, and surveillance. As Director of HealthLink he leads a team that spreads policy enhancements for LGBT wellness across state and federal health stakeholders and works to link LGBT wellness advocates to each other (follow their activities on their blog, http://blog.lgbthealthlink.org/). In 2013 he was named a CDC Health Equity Champion and National Youth Pride Services Advocate of the Year. In 2014 he received a Rockefeller Foundation writing residency in Italy to focus on transgender health and was honored as one of the Out100. Dr. Scout is an openly transgender father of three kids, as well as a vegetarian and aficionado of bikeshare programs across the U.S. His opinions are his own and do not reflect his funders. LGBT HealthLink is a project of CenterLink: The Community of LGBT Centers.


Webinar Objectives

  • Describe the evidence on the LGBT smoking disparity

  • Identify four main reasons this disparity exists

  • Explain preconceptions and challenges the LGBT population experiences related to smoking cessation

  • List at least three strategies they can use in their work to engage more LGBT people in tobacco cessation efforts

Upcoming Webinars

Co-hosted by American Academy of Family Physicians, An Introduction to Motivational Interviewing: Focus on Tobacco Use and Dependence


Marc L. Steinberg, PhD

Associate Professor of Psychiatry & Associate Director, in Addiction Psychiatry, at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

Sarah S. Mullins, MD

Family Physician and Owner/Partner at Stoney Batter Family Medicine in Delaware, Member of the AAFP Tobacco Prevention and Control Advisory Committee

Dr Sarah Mullins is a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians' Tobacco Prevention and Control Advisory Committee. In this role, she has developed educational materials and given national presentations for health care providers on many aspects of tobacco and nicotine use. She has helped guide more than 100 family practices across the country in the AAFPs Office Champions Tobacco Cessation performance improvement project. Locally, she is a board member of the Delaware Academy of Family Physicians, and state Ask and Act Tobacco Cessation Liasion. Her involvement in tobacco education and advocacy began in medical school, teaching Tar Wars in elementary schools and leading cessation groups in a high school and drug rehab in Baltimore, Maryland.

Webinar Objectives

  • Describe how the “spirit” or underlying perspective of motivational interviewing can be applied to smokers

  • Explain how to speak with smokers who may not be ready to quit

  • Describe how to elicit “change talk” from tobacco users