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CVS Health Research Institute Study Confirms that the Company's Tobacco Removal Decision Reduced Cigarette Purchases Nationwide

"Research Institute emphasizes the role a private retailer can play in restricting access to tobacco and improving public health. The study, published online today in the American Journal of Public...

ALA Releases State of Tobacco Control 2017

Released this week, American Lung Assocation's 2017 "State of Tobacco Control" report notes that while adult and youth cigarette smoking rates are at historically low levels, tobacco remains the...

New Research on Depression and Smoking Cessation

Depression and Smoking Cessation: Evidence from a Smoking Cessation Clinic with 1-Year Follow-Up

Tobacco Use among the Homeless Population: FAQ

The Public Health Law Center recently released an FAQ that answers common questions regarding tobacco use among the homeless population in the US, including those who are transitionally, chronically...