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Behavioral Health Leaders Emphasize Treating Tobacco Dependence

Why it is important to proactively treat tobacco dependence among the behavioral health population? The rate of tobacco use among people with a substance use disorder or mental illness is 94% higher...

Neuropsychiatric Safety Concerns of the Smoking Cessation Medications Varenicline and Bupropion

The prescription medications varenicline and bupropion have been shown to effectively increase the long term quit rate of people who smoke. Concerns of safety regarding these drugs and their...

New article: American health improvement depends upon addressing class disparities

Dr. Steve Schroeder, SCLC Director, has a new article published in the American Journal of​ Preventative Medicine, "American health improvement depends upon addressing class disparities." 

Approaches to Promoting Medicaid Tobacco Cessation Coverage: Promising Practices and Lessons Learned

The American Lung Association has released a new report on promoting Medicaid tobacco cessation coverage. Please ALA's announcement below. Today, the American Lung Association released a new report...