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Communications Specialist

Division of General Internal Medicine (DGIM)

Full Time



Job Summary

The role of Communications Specialist is multifaceted and requires a broad set of skills, including the ability to multitask and streamline communication operations effectively. Responsibilities include developing and executing a communications plan for both the Smoking Cessation Leadership Center(SCLC) and the Center for Tobacco Research and Education (CTCRE) that maximizes internal and external communications for these two prominent UCSF tobacco programs and their collective expertise. Must have strong analytical, creative, and diverse writing skills.  Involves conceiving, researching, writing, editing, and publishing written materials and strategic communications for multiple channels. Ensures alignment of communication strategies across all channels to reflect SCLC and CTCRE business goals and objectives.

Responsible for authoring content, as well as editing and proofreading staff- contributed content to ensure accuracy and consistency in editorial style. As main website administrator, the communication specialist will provide direct content editing, and manage the website contractor to administer and manage permissions and add new functions to the website.

Must have the ability to take initiative and provide solutions and clarity on projects. Works closely with both CTCRE and SCLC Center’s leadership to ensure the team achieves and maintains project goals and results and identify and enhance points of synergy between the Centers. Requires excellent relationship building skills, and a team player who can also work independently. While many aspects of the position overlap across the 2 Centers, there are some unique communications needs for each center. The candidate must be able to navigate the common communication needs and the unique need of each center.

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