National Behavioral Health Network

To reduce the health disparities in the behavioral health population, in October of 2013, the CDC awarded the National Council for Behavioral Health as the newest national network to reduce tobacco use and cancer. By establishing the National Behavioral Health Network for Tobacco & Cancer Control (NBHN), the National Council is helping to address health disparities identified by CDC’s Office of Smoking and Health and the Division of Cancer Prevention and Control.

NBHN promotes evidence-based approaches to prevent tobacco use and cancer, through technical assistance, education, training, and networking opportunities that complement other CDC-funded chronic disease program activities. NBHN is recruiting stakeholders to participate in the network and convening multi-state strategy sessions to develop collaborative action plans to implement strategies. Promising practices will be shared through its website and social media, e-newsletters, webinars and trainings, virtual communities, and other platforms.

SCLC is one of three national organizations collaborating with the National Council to implement the NBHN.