Tobacco Use in the LGBT Community: Preconceptions, Challenges & Experiences

90 Minutes

Scout, MA, PhD

Executive Director, National LGBT Cancer Network

Scout is the Executive Director of the National LGBT Cancer Network and the principal investigator of the CDC-funded LGBTQ tobacco-related cancer disparity network. In this capacity he spends much of his time providing technical assistance for governmental tobacco and cancer focusing agencies expanding their reach and engagement with LGBTQ populations. He leads a team of specialists who focus on building tools and sharing strategies across state departments of health.

Webinar Objectives
  • Describe the evidence on the LGBT smoking disparity

  • Identify four main reasons this disparity exists

  • Explain preconceptions and challenges the LGBT population experiences related to smoking cessation

  • List at least three strategies they can use in their work to engage more LGBT people in tobacco cessation efforts

Additional Resources Cited in the Webinar